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Wednesday, January 19, 2011 Review

A quick review on and their circle lenses.

I decided that i wanted a new pair of black lenses of a bigger size than what i previously had, which were GEO super magic blacks ( i believe they are around 14.8 mm diameter) and were definitely not big enough for me. I didnt see anything bigger on so i searched around and found and saw that they had 17.5mm lenses by Barbie Eye.

I paid under $50 for the lenses and express shipping from Malaysia, which isnt too bad. The lenses were 29.50 and shipping was 14.50. They were a bit more than i'm used to paying for lenses, but for the price, they are magnificent.

There was a small problem with my address and customer service was quick to email me and ask me to fix it so they could ship my lenses out to me. I was very impressed.

It took them just around 2 days to get here from the time they were shipped, and about 3 days total from order. one of the fastest shipments I've ever gotten from an Asian country.

this cute little guy was holding my lenses when they arrived. they fit snuggly inside his odd shaped head. they came in a cute black box, covered in japanese writing. i pulled him out, pried open his head and there were my little lens vials. 

The top of the foil lids were imprinted with 'barbie eye'. a good sign to me that they werent knock offs, though i really have no idea how to tell if lenses are legit. anywhoo, it made me feel better about them.

Here are my lenses side by side. the top ones are my new Barbie Eye Princess  lenses in black (17.5mm) and below them are my GEO super magic lenses in black (14.5mm) as you can see, there is quite the size difference in them.

A very cool thing about the little guy that my lenses came in was that his ears pop off and are lens cases. they worried me a bit since the lenses would be sideways, so i just left them off for now so they can soak properly in solution. its still pretty cool though.

As far as comfort goes, these are brilliant. they dont slide around alot, they dont sting even after only 3 hours of soaking, and they dont obstruct my vision. absolutely brilliant!

heres a quick comparison between my natural eye and one with a lens in (mind you this is in really bright light)

its a HUGE difference between size. i wish there werent such a huge gap for the pupil, since my eyes are very light and i wanted a very dark effect, but what can you do lol.

heres one more shot of me with both in.

overall, did an amazing job, one of the best shopping experiences ive ever had. i highly recommend them for circle lenses if you are looking to buy a pair. Barbie Eye is a great brand, very pretty in design and super comfy. <3



  1. do you need a doctor to say you don't have a prescription to buy from them?? most sites you do, but because I don't need an eye doctor, I haven't been able to buy lenses anywhere.

  2. @Puff nope! i didnt need anything but money lol. most of the asian contact sellers dont require a doctors note or anything, which makes it really convenient.

  3. Thanks for the review! Good to know.
    Also, I've ordered lenses from Thailand and havent been to the doctor on how to use lenses. So as a first-timer, could you tell me what to do with the lenses? (i know how they should be put on, its just how do you use solution, etc)

  4. @Niflheim Honestly, its super duper easy. when you first get them out of the bottle you need to soak them in a contact case with solution for at /least/ 3 hours, preferably a little longer (4-5 hours) before wearing them for the first time. if you dont, they can sting pretty badly. after putting them in, dont wear them for more than 8 hours at a time (i do sometimes, but im awful like that) and if you start to get a headache or if your eyes feel tired, take them out, rinse them and put them back in a case with new solution. also, dont store them in the same solution for more than a month at a time. if you arent going to wear them within the month, change the solution out so it doesnt go bad ^_^ thats about all you need to know i think.

  5. Thanks for the review. I've never bought or worn lenses but if I ever get brave enough to wear them I will give this site a try. I wonder how those particular lenses will look on hazel eyes.

  6. Thanks for replying about how to deal with lenses. It was helpful, I appreciate it :]

    sorry for the late reply

  7. So was there a confimation code of some sort to show it would be legit?