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Thursday, August 18, 2011

tongue spltting

I am making an appt next month to get my tongue split with Steve Haworth, who is one of my idols. I am so beyond everything right now that i cant even begin to explain.

a few people have asked if they can pitch in to help me afford this and i made a Chipin for it. This is a mod i have wanted since i was a child. its so amazing to actually be able to say i can get it done.


  1. You've been my facebook crush for months, I'm glad I finally got to do something nice for you. :D

  2. Please don't so it... ;w;
    I mean, piercings and all are fine, but are you sure you'll want to have it your whole life??
    Ah well, I'm sure you'll look awesome no matter what. >.<;;

  3. Think back to steve-o's giant tattoo of himself. THAT is regret.

  4. meh, you can only regret so only live what makes YOU happy..

  5. How does one send you mail?

  6. FUCK THE HATERS, godoettt. I don't have any $cratch but it is cool to know that it's not that insanely expensive. 350? Sure, that's 1/2 my rent but it's not like it's...twice my rent.


  7. Mik, I'm not sure how long you've followed Joji, but you need to understand that he thinks these things through thoroughly before getting any mod. He knows what he wants and only he knows what will make him really happy. If this is it, so be it. I personally think it will look beyond amazing on him. Also; even -if- he regretted it at some point, the procedure is reversible.

  8. *ding* in just under 24 hours!

  9. what the hell, why would people tell you not to do that?!
    it's your body and you can do whatever the hell you want with it!
    a friend of mine told me i should dye my hair from being pink to brown for my final year school prom because she thought when i was older i would regret having pink hair -_-
    never regret anything, if i'd have done what she said i would not have been me and if splitting your tongue is going to make you happier about yourself then i say it's the best thing you can do!